Learning and listening

Dick Searle6smallIn retrospect it was a keenly contested competition with a lot of energy and spirit. A multitude of topics were embraced – sometimes with more heat than light, most always with zest and enthusiasm

In the end a leading winner was identified and the criteria for that winner’s success were very clear.

I refer of course to the recently concluded Fresher For Longer (FFL) schools programme competition: Ten schools and their sponsor supporters in industry via the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador scheme took part.

Nearly 200 students were involved overall, supported in the community by a total of 27 STEM Ambassadors. In this way the FFL programme delivered a total of 90 hours of sustainability workshops to students across England and Wales.

Congratulations are now due to Alfreton Grange Arts College (Sealed Air sponsoring) who were this week crowned the Fresher for Longer champions.

Highly commended were:

All Saints` Catholic Academy (Metalbox Benevolent Fund sponsoring)

The Warwick School (Alexir sponsoring)

Meanwhile the Love Food Wate Waste award went to Ousedale School (Nampak Plastics sponsoring)

We now have a winner’s ceremony and presentation at the Museum of Brands, London to look forward to on Thursday June 25th, after which we shall discuss and disseminate some of Alfreton’s winning ideas.

Part of the reason that Alfreton won was that the school really listened to the core detail of the Fresher For Longer brief and stuck to it when devising a range of solutions to the central problem of food waste in the home.

Portion control, apps for menus, control of food stocks and other solutions were part of Alfreton’s project work; well conceived and well executed.

The environmental spectrum is very wide. Materials recycling, planting and growing your own food, eating healthily – enthusiasm for all of these was good to see in our competition entries.

However, the Fresher For Longer (FFL) initiative asked schools to focus on a very specific challenge – using the advantages of packaging to help prevent food waste in the home. Our FFL competition was looking for answers and details in relation to that particular challenge.

Whatever the field – business, life, schools, politics – the art of listening is fundamental: Listening to the customer; reading the exam question correctly, listening to the voter; paying attention to what is asked – these skills are fundamental to success. We were delighted to see them so ably demonstrated by Alfreton Grange Arts College and we look forward to sharing their answers with you at the end of June.

Many thanks again

Dick Searle