Back to learning

Dick Searle6smallDespite the faint promise of an Indian Summer it is very clear that the nation has already shifted into term-time mode and is well and truly headed ‘back to school’.

Our UK Parliament ended its summer recess last week and indeed there is much to occupy it, not least in Scotland. The Scottish people may have settled their independence issue within a fortnight. The consequences for UK business, manufacturing and the packaging sector could well be far reaching. More from me on that topic later.

In the present time, however, the Packaging Federation has just completed the commission of a new piece of work under the Fresher For Longer (FFL) banner. This short ‘infographic’ video will, we hope, enter the main stream of our learning curriculum from this term onwards, and for adults and children alike.

Our new FFL movie reiterates a central point and mainly for a political audience; that our food waste mountain is nothing short of a scandal. Part of the remedy is simply to make proper use of our packaging – as instructed on the label. This will help slash the waste and keep our shopping ‘fresher for longer’.

Our new FFL infographic spells out the detail of this problem and its solution. It is already playing in the committee rooms and ante chambers of the House of Commons and Lords. Indeed, our politicians and legislators are united in a cross party consensus on this matter. This is good news, since all will be positive on the topic and all will be singing from the same hymn sheet as UK electioneering builds to a crescendo before May 2015.

Part of our current aim is to spread the FFL word nationwide, beyond the confines of Westminster and well before next year’s election.

We have important communications work ahead; with retailers and with local authorities and, perhaps most importantly, with schools. A total of seven Packaging Federation member companies have now agreed to sponsor the FFL initiative via their local schools.

In the meantime I urge all readers and all participants in the packaging sector to click on the infographic link here and to share it with local MPs so that awareness of the issues can be raised at local level.

The FFL initiative reminds me that our sector is not only in business to make a profit, but to improve lives and society; tackling the waste issue head on.

Many thanks

Dick Searle