See Fresher for Longer at Pro2Pac – March 20th

Dick Searle8smallI hope by now that many of you have caught up with the Fresher for Longer campaign. I was extremely proud to help launch this collaborative effort in both Tunbridge Wells and Parliament on Tuesday March 5th.

It was a good day for those of who had worked hard behind the scenes; a good day for the planet and a good day also for those of our team getting the message out. Our trade press coverage reached over three million individuals; website traffic increased 34% and our radio broadcasts reached over three million listeners.  Fresher for Longer was the most talked about topic on Twitter in the UK that day, reaching over 91,500 people with 143,105 impressions online. Those conversations are still going on.

I said then, and I say now that food waste today is a scandal; both in the developed and developing world. The fight-back begins here with the important battle front identified by Fresher for Longer.

However, I have to say that all of our hard work and all of our media interest will count for nothing if we, the packaging sector, cannot or will not step up to the plate – and keep delivering waste-prevention solutions.

This Wednesday March 20th sees myself and Simon Oxley of Marks and Spencer at the Pro2Pac exhibition, Excel Centre. We shall be outlining the background to the Fresher for Longer work, also the areas of current need and opportunity. I especially hope that many packaging industry practitioners will take the opportunity to drop by the seminar room at noon.

Fresher for Longer is a unique collaboration. It simply challenges us – the packaging sector – to do what we do best. If your company is not already a part of it; please do not hesitate to contact me personally to see how we can get you on board. I look forward to it.

Many thanks

Dick Searle