2013 – the year of working together

Dick Searle6smallFirstly, I would like to take this opportunity to offer all of our readers a  very happy and very prosperous time for the coming new year.

A few days in and an early theme is clearly the absolute necessity of working together. Over the pond US Democrats and Republicans are simply having to swallow their fundamental differences and get on with remedying that nation’s finances – together. And so will it be, in many spheres of activity, across the globe and across the board – sink or swim. 

Dare I say it, The Packaging Federation has recognized the necessity of the collaborative principle from our outset. We are a broad and welcoming church and a good deal of our success has come about through our members working together from the common ground.

We achieve this in spite of significant differences, for example in materials and production technologies. Necessity, however, has taught us the need to work steadily and patiently with all of our stakeholders and with society in general.

In many ways I therefore hope that 2013 will be a time of reward and harvest for Packaging Federation efforts in recent years. And the coming 12 months presents us with a very full agenda as we prepare for our first 2013 All Party Parliamentary Group meeting on Feb 5 at the House of Commons, Westminster.

In truth – and I normally refrain from commercials – there has never been a better time to be a part of The Packaging Federation activities: Companies and businesses – as never before – simply have to engage with the wider, global issues and with the wider public. In doing this work there is no substitute for experience. Joining us at the table gives your company a fast track to the skillsets involved and also access to the debating and policy zones that matter.

And starting next month the Packaging Federation will be a key player in an initiative that embodies these collaborative principles. A new project will get underway; one that widens our circle of influence and responsibility and engages – as we must – consumers and retailers in the business of better resource management and better product delivery systems. From an early phase through Spring 2013 we hope to broaden its scope and scale throughout the UK.

I look forward to engaging with you and working with you over the coming year.

Many thanks

Dick Searle