Everything yet to play for

Dick Searle8smallCall me cautiously optimistic but I’m pretty sure that – contrary to some apocalyptic reports – our world will still be turning by December 22nd this year.

This is very good news since The Packaging Federation has enjoyed a super 2012 – and we now anticipate building on these achievements and foundations over the coming twelve months.

I don’t want to lift the lid on our plans and collaborations too much, but 2013 will see us increasingly take proactive communications into the marketplace.

The recent realities of our societies and our economies have prepared the ground pretty well. Common sense – often a rarity – appears to have made up much ground in our particular arena.

For one thing, many more people – particularly within the environmental worlds – now realise the very positive role of packaging, particularly in global food security and in resource conservation. It is now high time to let those packaging positives show.

This blog and this website will be used to herald some of these new programmes and to seek participation and collaboration.

When the call comes please don’t hesitate to add your voice to the mix.

Meantime we have a festive season to enjoy: I hope and trust that you will do so and I look forward to welcoming you back here in good shape for the New Year.

Many thanks

Dick Searle