Long live Brands!

Dick SearleAll power to the British Brands Groups for a great piece of work on packaging – Unwrapped – the hidden power of packaging – which recently launched in London at Unilever House.

Putting aside the excellence of their work, the BBG displays an attitude to packaging that – I’m happy to say – is becoming more widespread these days. This quote is taken from the BBG introduction to the new study:

‘Packaging is integral to modern life, present in every home in the land, preserving and protecting the products we use each day and providing the information on how to use them. In stores of all sizes packaging also speaks the language of commerce, vying for our attention, presenting credentials and influencing our choices. It underpins competition and enhances product performance.’ 

Hear hear – couldn’t have said it better myself.

Brands – and packaging –  both deserve champions these days. None more so than the best of British Brands who, ever since the heady days of post-war advertising, have oftentimes led the world in encouraging effective product design and presentation.

Britain, alas, has also been home to the most misinformed excesses in blaming and scapegoating of any kind of selling, advertising or product branding. Any kind of mis-selling, to be sure, is wrong, as the financial services industries are now finding out to their cost. But neo-Green puritanism is really barking up the wrong tree here.

Branding – as the Unwrapped report reminds us – is critical to the effective functioning of choice in a free market economy. Brands effectively function as signposts; enabling and directing consumer traffic. Where branding is reduced and when copycat or counterfeit branding plays a part, consumer decisions are frustrated, irritated and slowed down. The system slows down; consumer confidence is lost and both sellers and buyers suffer.

And although the arguments against branding per se are thankfully being tackled, brand ‘copycat’ matters have yet to approach their zenith and will surely be an issue for many years hence.

For a full understanding of brands and packaging- please check the reports and summaries now available from the British Brands site on:


Once again – much thanks to the BBG for a timely, intelligent and informed contribution to our industry.

Thanks again

Dick Searle