Local action – June 19th House of Commons

Dick SearleI forget how many politicians from JFK onwards have used the slogan ‘think global – and act local.’

The Packaging Federation is therefore taking a leaf out of the political book and setting out our stall in House of Commons on June 19th. We are looking forward to attracting as many MPs as possible and are particularly keen on fostering relationships between local MPs and the packaging businesses in their local area.

There cannot be a constituency in the land that does not have a significant number of packaging and packaging-related businesses in it; all involved in the product supply chain and all playing a part in getting food, goods and services to us on time and in good order.

Our primary mission in Westminster on June 19th is to create and foster understanding:

– understanding of what we do and how;

– understanding of how the industry helps and enables so many factors taken for granted in modern living; health; security; convenience; choice;

– understanding fact from fiction in relation to packaging and the environmental savings it makes possible.

Moreover, our sector is a very significant part of the UK trading economy; providing, for example, some fifteen thousand more jobs than the much feted pharmaceutical industry.

May I encourage those reading this – particularly those involved in the industry – to in turn directly encourage their local MP to attend the June 19 meeting. We are aiming to achieve a significant sized turnout. The more understanding created at the heart of Government, the better.

Thanks again

Dick Searle